Why Join Us

We understand that it is you and your reputation that client’s value. We aim to give you the freedom to run your business in an efficient, compliant manner, our expertise and experience has helped many business owners achieve their goals whether it be growth, succession or a combination of both.

Changing a license provider is a decision that should not be made without proper due diligence, please feel free to contact our management team for a confidential discussion no matter what stage of the decision making process you are at.


Benefits of joining our network


  • Competitive fee structure you are not paying for services that you don’t need


  • Specialist in succession and business growth strategies. We have a proven track record matching advisers in growth phase with those looking for an exit or succession strategy


  • Strong Compliance and Best Practice culture


  • Flexibility to use advice software of your choice


  • Best of Breed Investment Research and Model Portfolio solutions


What They Don’t Tell You About Running your own AFSL

You’re running a successful financial planning firm and everyone you meet says why not get your own license? Do it your way. It sounds enticing. You are the master of your own destiny. You can do what you want, use any product and strategy and invest your clients in what you want without limitation. Keep all the revenue. Have greater control. All this while, if you’re the responsible manager, trusting those giving advice under your license do the right thing ….

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